New England Castings

Enhance Your Manufacturing Needs
with Investment Casting

New England Castings is a manufacturer of precision alloy investment castings using the lost wax method. Our capabilities enable us to produce parts ranging from fractional ounces to several hundred pounds in size.

We pour approximately 250,000 pounds of alloy annually in several grades of steel and stainless steel as well as cobalt, nickel, copper, and aluminum based alloys. We have both ferrous and non-ferrous foundry capabilities.

Our processes and systems enable us to serve various industries that require precision and excellence. Our team of skilled craftsmen specialize in transforming your designs into intricate metal components.


Gas Turbine
Art & Sculpture


New England Castings serves the product needs of its customers as a job shop investment castings supplier to a variety of markets. In this role we produce a product to our customer’s specifications.


Our Engineering Lab utilizes SolidWorks design software to create molds for wax injection as well as program complex parts for 3D print prototyping. These 3D printed polymer and wax parts are then mounted to a tree to undergo a multi-layered shelling process. 

Check out this walkthrough of how your parts are prepared, cast, machined, and finished.


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Bellingham Bell Company

We are the parent company to subsidiary, Bellingham Bell Company. At Bellingham Bell we offer a full line of bells and related products. Bellingham Bell also offers customization for bronze, stainless steel, and chrome bells, including engraving/embossing your desired text, logo, or graphics.

Atlantic Metal Polishing

Atlantic Metal Polishing was acquired by New England Castings in 2014. Operating since 1997, we provide fine finishing services including mirror quality manual polishing and buffing, as well as additional options for part finishing.