New England Castings


It may not be evident at first glance, but there’s a feeling you get when you walk into a perfectly designed building. The attention to subtle detail can make the difference between a great design and an award winning one. At New England Castings we treat each project as a potential award winner. 

From the timeless beauty of bronze, to the durability of stainless stain, New England Castings can help you transform your design into functional architectural hardware. Our craftsmanship can be found in such American Landmarks as the prestigious Carnegie Hall, the historic Fulton Landing Pier, the Rose Center for Earth and Space at the Museum of National History, and the Executive Office building in Washington D.C.

All of our projects are crafted with traditional Maine pride and attention to detail. The next time your design demands hardware that is durable, functional, and decorative, contact New England Castings. We can help make your next project look spectacular.