New England Castings


Metal is a medium that represents timeless quality, strength, and performance. Investment casting, or as it is known, the lost wax process, is the most ancient form of metal casting, dating back several thousand years. Historically, sculptors and jewelers used this method to create complex and quality results. Many pieces can be seen today in meseums around the world.

Investment casting provides finished pieces that compliment an artist’s attention to detail. The lost wax technique produces museum quality art in a variety of metals. Your art will appeal to the eye, will be a temptation to touch and will stand the test of time. At New England Castings, we value your work and appreciate the vision that goes into each piece. We invite you to participate in the entire process as your art castings are produced.

No project is too large or too small. We serve many artists who choose to make one of a kind or limited edition bronze, steel, or stainless steel sculptures and have a variety of mold making methods to fit low volume production. We can work directly from the original sculpture or from molds or wax patterns supplied by the artist. Whether your art is a treasure to put on display in the privacy of your home or an element of a city’s public art program, New England Castings can meet your needs.

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