New England Castings



Investment castings produces intricate components with dimensional accuracy capable of producing a net shape part for many industrial component applications. Where a fully net shape component is not achievable, typically post cast machining is minimal and offers cost savings compared to a fully machined component.

Why New England Castings

New England Castings maintains a strict quality management system based on the ISO 9001 and NADCAP standards. 

These standards ensure persistent quality control measures throughout the entire production process.

What You Get

To ensure product quality and an aesthetically pleasing finish, the following services are offered with our traditional casting process.

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At New England Castings we cast parts for a multitude of alloys including bronze, stainless steel, aluminum, nickel, cobalt, etc. While preparing to pour, our alloys can reach temperatures exceeding 3000 degrees for some projects.


Our prototypes are three-dimensional objects created from digital designs, a process that brings imagination to physical form. Prototypes give us a physical sample of a part before mass production and allows for a period to address potential early design flaws.


We use the expertise of our engineers and computer programming to operate CNC machines, shaping parts to whatever specifications may be required. This environment ensures precision and repeatability in our process.


Many products receive a smooth finishing touch before going off into the world. Our polishing services provide an aesthetically pleasing, eye-catching surface.
For more details, check out subsidiary company Atlantic Metal Polishing for all part finishing options.


      300 Series

  • 303
  • 304
  • 316

      400 Series

  • 410
  • 416

   Alloy Steels

  • 4130
  • 4140
  • 4340
  • 6150
  • 8620
 Carbon Steels
  • 1018
  • 1020

Hardening Steels

  • 15-5
  • 17-4

      Tool Steel

  • A2

      Misc Alloy

  • 2205
  • N-155

Nickel Base

  • Nickel X
  • Hastelloy C

Aluminum Alloys

  • 356
  • 357


  • C865
  • C873
  • C876

  Cobalt Alloys

  • FSX-414
  • Co 6

Prototyping Demos

Rapid prototyping utilizes complex geometries allowing for vast shaping capabilities. It is a useful resource for design customization and continuous concept improvement before mass production. 3D printing is best suited for on demand custom orders tailored to your every need.